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Jozu Terra Design is a New York City based design and build company specializing in beauty and tranquility, and the proper relating of nature to your lifestyle.  Having become and remained a premier design and installation company in NYC for over 25 years now, Jozu, while continuing to thrive in New York, has spread its' roots out of the city to include projects around the world. Jozu encompasses everything from general construction to horticultural design and implementation.  Services also encompass far eastern influences including Feng Shui consulting and implementation, Faux finishes, and Gilding.  An additional and exciting new development for Jozu is that the company has recently added staff with extensive experience in building development and has begun taking on development projects as well.  Whether your space is on a grand scale, or of a more intimate nature, Jozu Terra Design offers you and your project the personal attention and respect necessary to make it the perfect situation for you

The company's principals are Jeffrey Jacobs and Jill Tajiri Jacobs.

Jeff is a graduate of Longwood Gardens, one of the most prestigious horticultural estates and educational centers in the world. He has been trained in all aspects of space planning and implementation as it relates to plants and gardens. Because of his artistic designs, and complete knowledge of all things horticultural, Jeff has become a highly sought after expert, and is considered by many to be the guru of NYC environments. His designs include both interior and exterior spaces.

Jill is a graduate of many training and master training classes in subjects as varied as Feng Shui, Leaf Gilding, and Decorative Painting. She brings the elements of spirituality and attention to the movement of energy to any space Jozu Terra takes on. Jill's sensibilities have served clients ranging from large corporations to celebrities, and is available to all who desire to improve the quality and flow of their environments and lives.

Jeffrey F. Jacobs

Jeff is a third generation horticulturist. His grandfather, Colomon Von Graf, trained at Schonbrunn, the royal palace in Vienna, Austria. Colomon then came to America and started a nursery and greenhouse operation in New Jersey. Jeff's mother grew up in that business and was a floral designer for thirty years. After going to college for two years Jeff was accepted into the prestigious PGTP (Professional Gardeners Training Program) run by Longwood Gardens (a Dupont estate and botanical garden in PA). This exclusive institution runs a work/study program with professors from the University of Delaware, the University of Pennsylvania, and leading industry people from the tri-state area. The PGTP is a tuition free program that includes a stipend and housing for the students. Last year alone, there were over 3500 applicants for seven positions.

After graduating with high marks from Longwood Gardens, Jeff accepted a nursery and greenhouse management internship at the Dawes Arboretum in Newark, Ohio. This included work in all areas of the Arboretum including the Japanese stroll garden and the bonsai collection.

While in Ohio, Jeff was recruited above many other applicants to be the private gardener/house manager for Stewart Mott. Jeff moved to NYC where he designed and maintained gardens for Stewart's two city residences (a nine room penthouse on Park Avenue with a wrap around terrace, and a nineteen room triplex apartment with four terraces and three greenhouses on Fifth Avenue). He was also involved in the design, and consulted on the installations of the gardens at the Mott family's Bermuda and Washington D.C. estates. Stewart's Park Avenue roof garden was featured in a "Ripleys Believe It or Not" segment entitled "Believe it or not, you can be self sufficient in NYC". It was a feature showing the sustainability and healthfulness of a vegetable garden designed by Jacobs in the heart of the city. A concept twenty years ahead of its time.

After two years working for the Mott family, Jeff decided to strike out on his own. The experience and contacts he made from his two years with Stewart served him well. He launched his own company and began designing and installing some of the most exclusive roof decks and gardens in the City. Over the ensuing years, Jeff expanded the company to include exterior garden maintenance, low voltage lighting and drip irrigation systems.

In 2002, Jacobs took the company bi-coastal, and has now designed and installed many gardens in the LA area. He also expanded the company into interior plant maintenance. With the inception of Jozu Terra Designs, Jeff is again pushing the envelope and incorporating complete life balance and enhancement into his new designs and efforts. Jozu Terra Designs includes the Eastern discipline of Feng Shui consulting and design, and Jozu has recently opened a department that specializes in decorative painting - a new, exciting, and growing need in the tri-state area.

Jeff Jacobs has been designing, installing, and landscaping in NYC and the tri-state area for over twenty three years. Jozu Terra Designs is now the first choice in roof deck, garden, and life balance design and maintenance.

Jill Tajiri Jacobs

Jill was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California. She is the granddaughter of first generation immigrants (Issei) who moved to the United States from Kagoshima, Japan in 1912. Jill began her career in decorative painting in 1987. She was working at a custom framing shop when one day she met a man who had brought in his work to show the owner. Seeing his work inspired her to try it on her own. So, she signed up for and attended a 3 month intensive course at the Pardon School of Specialist Decoration. That experience was followed closely in 1988 by the beginning of her association with The Studio of Fine and Decorative Arts. After she began to get comfortable with the art of decorative painting, she began to branch out, taking on clients and completing more classes. She attended the Finishing School where she studied furniture restoration & a new waterborne glazing system. At Sepp Leaf Gilding, she attended work shops such as Gilding Practicum, and Kinsai (Japanese Gilding) for different forms of water gilding gold leaf and other precious metal leafs,.

In 1989, while Jill was working for clients as a decorative painter, she was introduced to Feng Shui, which can be best described as the original environmental impact statement, and is sometimes regarded as the mother of the natural sciences. It is among the earliest comprehensive attempts to codify the influences of weather, place, and cosmology as a guide to life. Feng Shui as an art involves the intuitive, aesthetic adjustment of visible and invisible objects or factors, realigning all dimensions of environment into harmony and balance. She attended the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies to study with His Holiness, Grandmaster Lin Yun who taught Feng Shui from the perspective of BTB or Black Tantric Buddhism. From that point on, Jill has had an ongoing education in Feng Shui. She has also studied with Rinpoche Crystal Chu, GEO trio, and Meihwa Lin, to mention just a few of her teachers, in addition to those associated with the Decorative Arts mentioned earlier.

As the 1990's progressed, Jill completed First and Second Degree Reiki course, and continued her Feng Shui education and practices by expanding her consulting/client base even further, and completing a 3 year BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program, for which she received a full certificate of completion. In 2006, Tajiri Jacobs received a certificate for the School of Classical Studies in Advanced Four Pillars, BaZi (Chinese astrology).

Upon the inception of Jozu Terra Designs, Jill began combining her abilities with Jeff's horticultural business. The combination has been an unequaled success. As Jeff begins and completes his designs, Jill adds her understanding of energy flow into the projects. The resultant roof decks, interiors, and exterior designs and installations have gone to a new level of beauty, functionalism, and peace.

Jill Tajiri Jacobs has been studying, consulting, and painting in NYC and the tri-state area for twenty years. Jozu Terra Designs is now the first choice in decorative painting, gilding, and life balance design and maintenance.

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