Our Mission is to create beautiful environments,
both Interior and Exterior,
that provide optimum quality of life for our clients.

Landscape Contractor NYC

At Jozu Terra Design, we design and build the most beautiful landscapes in New York City and not only this every design stands out on its uniqueness. We specialize in creating designs that are not only attractive for the eyes but make lots of sense practically too and this is why we are touted as the most responsible landscape contractor nyc.

We look into the requirements of the clients in terms of space, budget and extent to which they want to spread out the architectural components, then our designing team sits down to pen our some interesting looking options. With proven experience in designing and developing landscapes for terraces, roof tops, backyards, estate houses and even townhouses, we have got the ability to come out with something spectacular.

Our team does it all, installation and maintenance, you just need to sit there and enjoy the art work created!

Why Think Of Jozu Terra Design When You Think Of A Landscape Contractor NYC

We are indeed the most capable landscape contractor nyc out there, the amount of expertise that we have and that eye to create a responsible looking environment friendly landscape, we stand all committed to exceed your expectations.

With design always on the top of the priority list, we ensure that every premise gets the kind of landscaping it deserves. We work with the amount of plantings you want and the resources that you have to retain the landscape to come out with that perfect looking garden.

Our team would utilize every nook and corner of the area available, whilst ensuring that the set up does not look and act suffocated for both the plants and the home owners. Whether you want to come out with a garden or just like to give the existing one a brush of change, thinking of Jozu Terra Design is all that you need to do.

We ensure that the project gets completed within the stipulated deadline, so that you can start utilizing your garden or backyard the way you want!