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Rooftop Gardens New York City

When you think of rooftop gardens nyc, think of Jozu Terra Design, our team specializes in creating the room area into a perfect landscape that looks no less than an art work. Our expert designers make complete use of their creativity and expertise to chalk out a roof top garden design that looks simply brilliant. We will come out with plantation combination ensuring that the empty space on the roof top is utilized to the fullest ensuring that the set up does not look cluttered.

Our Approcah To Create Rooftop Gardens New York City Stands Unique

For Jozu Terra Design requirements coming from the clients hold utmost importance, we will sit with you to discuss the thoughts that you have in the head and would get going with the landscape design only when we are clear of the budget you have kept for the job.

We will work on the backdrop so that a perfect ambience is created on the roof top

Our team will suggest all those replacements that need to be done so that the roof garden stands out in its appeal and feels lush green too

Our team is going to give you multiple options for rooftop gardens nyc, if you have a hefty budget to spare, we can surely come out with a synthetic lawn that acts as a perfect lounge space

We will ensure that the style quotient of the roof top garden is in sync with the home so that the real essence is retained whilst creating that much required drama

With hedges, bushes and beautiful looking tiles and pavers, we will work on every single element to make your roof top area act as the most impressive part of the home.

If looking for stunning looking rooftop gardens New York City, get in touch with Jozu Terra Design Team now!